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Increased pathological severity of Familial Dysautonomia enriches murine gut microbial composition

Ashleen Kaur Khatra, Jenny Shee, Aidan Wang, Wei Chuan Kevin Wang

Non-breast milk diet increases gut microbial diversity and inflammation in six-month-old infants

Soroush Mohebat, Pooya Namavari, Sourena Oveisi, Negarin Shahtalebi

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What is UJEMI?

The Undergraduate Journal of Experimental Microbiology and Immunology (UJEMI) publishes scientific articles authored by undergraduate students. Our suite of publications include: UJEMI, UJEMI+, UJEMI-methods, and UJEMI-Perspectives.

Introducing UJEMI+

UJEMI+ is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publication of research articles by undergraduate students around the world.


UJEMI-Perspectives publishes short educational opinion pieces on topics related to microbiology and immunology.