For Authors

Instructions to Authors

UJEMI and UJEMI+ publish the results of undergraduate research in fields related to microbiology and immunology. 

  • Manuscripts submitted to UJEMI+ should address a clear research question and communicate a novel research finding(s).  UJEMI+ papers are subjected to a constructive peer review process.
  • Manuscripts communicating a work-in-progress (e.g. staged construction of a plasmid or preliminary findings) can be submitted to UJEMI.  UJEMI papers may be accepted for publication by the editors and are not peer reviewed.

UJEMI-PEARLS are short educational review articles written by undergraduate students on topics relevant to microbiology and immunology.

UJEMI-methods are short articles providing theory, protocol, timelines and  troubleshooting guidance for techniques relevant to a molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, or immunology laboratory.  Submissions may be either written or video-based (YouTube).

UJEMI and UJEMI+manuscripts should be formatted as per the Submission Guidelines.

Most papers will be reviewed and published during UJEMI-Institute (May - June each year).  Exceptions will be considered if more urgent publication is required.  Once accepted, papers will be published online.

Papers that are not accepted for publication in UJEMI+ will be considered for publication in our annual online publication of UJEMI (link).